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11 Best Sex Toy Storage Solutions of 2023 for Stashing Your X

Sep 21, 2023

By Kate Sloan

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Whether you own just one vibrator or more than a dozen, the best sex toy storage solution is the one that's going to gel with your lifestyle and living situation. No shame if you prefer to leave it all out (and even display your most prized dildos and beyond in plain sight), of course. But if you're keeping things under wraps away from kids, nosy roommates, or TSA agents, you're probably going to want something subtler and enclosed—lockable even!—to store your X-rated accessories.

To hear more about the best sex toy storage solutions on the market, we consulted three experts—Linnea Marie, a sexologist and relationship coach; Ness Cooper, a therapist and resident sexologist for Je Joue; and Cy, a sex toy critic and blogger at Super Smash Cache—for their recommendations.

Some of these products were specifically designed with sex toys in mind and others are just regular old storage containers, but either way, we've got some thoughtful reasoning behind why these are the best places to stash your sexiest gear—whether you're stockpiling condoms and lube, or just need a place to discreetly stow your off-duty vibrators, fleshlights, or floggers.

Parents visiting sooner than you thought? Hurry and cop one of these storage solutions to get your sexy stash in order.


microfiber drawstring storage bags


Materials: MicrofiberSize: 12 x 9 inches for the large size option

Marie likes to carry simple drawstring bags for traveling with and storing sex toys. "They provide privacy, keep toys clean, and are easy to use and maintain," she explains. These microfiber ones are big enough to store larger toys, or one vibrator plus an accessory like a charging cord, and can be ordered in different sizes depending on what you're looking to carry.

Pros: Comes in multiple sizes; discreet exteriorCons: Not secure/lockable


stash bag


Materials: Cotton Size: 9 x 5 x 3 inches

You don't really need to buy a specific type of bag to transport your sex toys necessarily, but if you're looking for something attractive that could otherwise pass as a Dopp kit or toiletry bag, sex toy brand Dame stocks one in a handsome tie-dye print. “Carrying around a big purse is less conspicuous than toting a suitcase or box,” Cy points out. This bag has plenty of pockets (including zippered ones) for slipping in condoms or accessories along with your toys, and the stain-resistant inner liner will ensure that one errant lube spill doesn't completely ruin it.

Pros: Stylish tie-dye exterior; stain-resistant liner; large enough to store a multitude of toys and accessories; interior organization for storing different types of accessories; carrying handleCons: Not lockable


Lockable Sex Toy Case Large


Materials: PlasticSize: 14.0 x 7.5 x 2.8 inches

If you prefer something lockable for packing up into your carry-on or stashing in your nightstand, Cooper recommends the Lovehoney lockable sex toy case. It's roomy enough to store multiple sex toys in it, including a Magic Wand or other large wand vibrator, Cooper notes. Plus, with its lockable design and antibacterial lining, it's pretty much the perfect vessel for sealing away your sex toys, whether you're taking them on vacation or packing them away amongst your things at home.

Pros: Lockable (padlock included); large enough to store wands and other big toys; lined with antibacterial material; mesh pocket inside for accessories like chargers and lubeCons: May be too large for some travel purposes; too slim to store bulkier toys; no handle




Materials: SteelSize: ‎13.5 x 6.25 x 7.25 inches

“If you care about hiding sex toys, consider a broad, shallow, lockable toolbox for keeping under your bed,” Cy says. They're durable and generally affordable, plus very discreet. If anyone sees it, they'll probably assume it contains actual tools, and not, you know, a pile of vibrators. You can find a range of affordable toolboxes at hardware stores and online, but we like this Japanese one that boasts a durable steel design and a splashy exterior. It's lockable (sadly you'll have to buy the lock separately) and includes numerous smaller compartments in the two wings of the box, plus a larger compartment within for organizing your toys, lubes, condoms, and beyond.

By Sean Manning

By Gerald Ortiz

By Lori Keong

Pros: Lockable; durable; can fit under many beds; discreet; several storage compartments; handle for carryingCons: Slightly pricier; doesn't come with a lock


UV sterilizer pouch


Materials: Leather and nylonSize: 4 x 11.5 inches

If you're more sensitive to the ingredients used in regular sex toy cleaners, or just want something on-the-go that will sanitize your toys, it might be worth looking into a UV-C sterilizing case. The FDA describes UV-C radiation as a known disinfectant for non-porous surfaces, and since COVID, sanitation pouches and devices using UV-C technology have become a lot more common. Sex toy brand B.vibe claims that its UV-C pouch will sanitize toys in a matter of minutes, and all you have to do is insert a toy inside, pull the drawstrings, and press a button to power up the sanitizing light system. Beyond being a nifty cleaning device, the drawstring closure also ensures that you can discreetly transport your sex toys and accessories on the go.

Pros: Discreet; sanitizing; high-quality leather exterior; drawstring closure for privacyCons: Pricey; only fits toys up to 10 inches


UV light sanitizer case


Materials: PlasticSize: ‎8 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches

Looking for something that can clean and store multiple smaller toys at once? Consider a device like this UV-C sanitizing case which uses mirrors to ensure 360-degree purification of all surfaces within the box. Since UV radiation and light can also be harmful if you're directly exposed to it, the fact that this case completely closes prevents that from happening while the light is being used to sanitize items. It also powers up with a USB-C cord and can easily be transported in a carry-on or travel bag if needed.

Pros: Sanitizes with UV-C lighting so your toys stay clean between uses; a gentle way to clean if you're sensitive to sex toy cleaners; discreet; closes completely to prevent UV-C light exposureCons: Pricey; can be bulkier than other pouches; only holds one or two toys

Kartell Componibili storage unit


Materials: PlasticSize: 23.03 x 12.6 x 12.6 inches

Many people like to keep their toys and lube close at hand in a nightstand or side table, so it's ideal to find one that has enough storage capacity for the job. "Furniture pieces that open up for stowing items are great for discretion," Cy says. Plus, if you've got limited space to work with, you might as well invest in something that can pull double-duty. While any nightstand with added storage works, we're especially fond of a model like the classic Kartell unit which has tiered compartments that slide open, and can also store a surprising number of sex toys and accessories. It's certainly not the cheapest nightstand out there, but you get the idea!

Pros: Subtle; also serves as nightstand; stylish modern aesthetic; plenty of storage spaceCons: Not lockable; pricey


tower four-tier accessory tray


Materials: ABS resinSize: 3.9 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches

By Sean Manning

By Gerald Ortiz

By Lori Keong

Beauty organizers can store various sex toys, but usually they're better for smaller devices like bullet vibrators, Cooper says. This tiered accessory tray, while designed to hold smaller items like jewelry or nail polish, can just as easily double as storage for smaller accessories like bullet vibrators, butt plugs, toy chargers, and small bottles of lube. Each tier swings out and then easily slides back in when you've pulled out what you need.

Pros: Discreet; has four distinct trays for storing accessories; affordableCons: Can only fit small items


24-Pocket Over-The-Door Shoe Rack and Organizer


Materials: Canvas and bambooSize: 21 x 1.5 x 57 inches

Take advantage of the ample vertical space available on the back of your bedroom door by draping one of these over it. “Over-the-door canvas shoe racks can make great sex toy storage, particularly for BDSM items like floggers,” Cooper says. “It's probably the best storage solution I’ve used, and some people use this form of storage for their vibrators, too.” Of course, you can use this rack to store other stuff too—like, you know, actual shoes—so it could be a versatile addition to your bedroom closet.

Pros: Easy to install; holds a lot of toys of various sizesCons: Not discreet or secure


colour storage


Materials: Recycled cardboardSize: 3 ⅜ x 13 x 10 inches for the small size

If you want to stow away smaller toys and accessories under your bed, a simple box or storage case will do. We like these colorful HAY boxes that come in multiple sizes depending on the size of your stash and never give away what they're storing. They're lightweight enough to pull out in a hurry and they're completely enclosed so none of those under-the-bed dust bunnies will be mingling with your intimate toys. Another perk is the magnetic closure that keeps the lid from popping open randomly.

Pros: Easy on the eyes and discreet; completely enclosed against dust; magnetic closure to keep the box sealed; comes in three different sizesCons: Might not be large enough for your needs; not lockable


stacking storage containers


Materials: PlasticSize: 14.1 x 11.9 x 8.1 inches

For storing multiple toys throughout the house (whether tucked away in a closet or stacked somewhere within plain view), Cy recommends simple, stackable storage containers that are big enough to hold a couple devices at once. There are several options out there (whether you're OK with storing them in clear plastic tubs that your roommates or family could chance upon, or want to leave a bit more to the imagination). We like that these ones have a washable plastic exterior and interior, are stylish enough to keep out in the open, and are completely opaque for storing your unmentionables.

Pros: Stackable, stylish, and come in three different sizesCons: Expensive

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