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39 Ridiculously Clever Ways To Store Basically Anything And Everything

May 17, 2024

We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Just FYI, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page.

Solve pretty much any storage problem.

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It also works well for baking sheets, cutting boards, and lids! And because it's made of a sturdy metal, it can actually support the weight of cast-iron.

Promising review: "I always hated trying to find my cookie sheets or lids, but this has helped tremendously. It has sections wide enough to handle lids and a couple of cookie sheets per section. Helped me get organized!" —Celia Kay Aaron

Get it on Amazon for $11.97 (available in either bronze or silver).

Want to put these up in a rental? Secure them with the completely removable Command Picture-Hanging Strips instead of the included adhesive, like this reviewer (pictured!) did, although they come with all the hardware you need to install the old-fashioned way. You could also mount 'em on your backsplash, on the inside of your pantry door, or even in your bathroom for things like nail polish. They fit spice jars up to to three inches on the bottom.

Promising review: "I was looking for something to hold our shot glasses. These are perfect! They are durable, stable and don't feel cheap. They come with the hardware you need, including wall anchors, to hang them. With these, I don't worry that my shot glasses are going to fall off. I love these! Worth the buy." —Kelley

Get a set of three on Amazon: as-pictured for $24.99, or for $26.99 with ends on either side, which is best if you want to install *inside* a cabinet, so the spices don't slide off.

Promising review: "Just what I needed! I'm short. My cabinets are tall. Being able to bring my often used spices TO me has been a huge boon and made cooking much more pleasant — not to mention helping me keep my spice cabinet organized. The wire seems a little flimsy until you install it, after which it feels much more sturdy. Installation was only a little complicated because of the layout of my cabinets, though I just had to measure, mark, and drill some pilot holes. I was also pleased at just how many bottles these things can hold. Excellent buy." —Sarah A.

Get it on Amazon for $19.99+ (available in five finishes).

This is one of those rare products with 4.8 stars — an incredibly high rating. It can fit up to 16 knives, and works even if you have a bunch of mismatched knives you've acquired over the years.

Promising review: "Great product! Purchased two to fit side by side. Each piece holds about 10-11 knives comfortably and the wide slots are great for larger knives. Drawer height for us is three inches and handles fit well with plenty of clearance. We have a broad selection of knife sizes and shapes. Top slots are good for smaller knives like paring or steak, and bottom slots hold everything from bread knives to western chef and Santoku styles." —RF n NC

Get it on Amazon for $25.95.

One of our readers commented on a post with their own enthusiastic endorsement of this: "I have and LOVE this silverware organizer. Saves so much drawer space!" —aloysiusc, from things you should probably already own

Promising review: "Fits my drawer like a glove AND holds my set for 12! Heavy gauge plastic construction that does not give even when fully loaded. This has opened up so much more space in my drawer making it easier to find other serving pieces and the odd items in that drawer. Love it, highly recommend it. Before purchasing, measure your drawers to make sure it will fit. I love that it can lie parallel to the drawer front. I was concerned that my flatware would stick out too tall for my stock cabinetry drawer, but that is not a problem." —Kindle Customer

Get it from Amazon for $11.89.

I know these work because I've tried 'em, and have been using them almost every week for seriously three years now. On March 5 (2018), I put half of my fresh strawberries in the medium-sized container and left the other half in the clamshell container they came in from the store. Then I checked them 10 days later, on March 15 (again, 2018) — and took these photos! Not that I wouldn't eat the dehydrated one, if that was my only option, but given the choice? I'll take a fresh strawberry every day! They really, truly do work; have saved me SO much money over the past year; and are 100% top-rack dishwasher safe, to boot. You can read my full Rubbermaid Freshworks review for more!

Get a pack of four (two medium, two large) containers from Amazon for $39.99, or see all the available size selection here.

You simply add a small amount of water up to the line, then add your herbs!

Promising review: "I was able to place two large bunches of cilantro and one large bunch of fenugreek. The gate made it super easy to place all herbs neatly, as well as super easy to take the required amount of herbs out. The herbs stayed 100% fresh for four weeks, and I only changed the water twice. Super happy with the purchase!" —Chakuli

Get it on Amazon for $16.99.

Plus they let you take advantage of all the extra storage space hiding behind those fake drawers! The trays themselves are designed to install with screws (which would be the most permanent and durable way to go about it), but some reviewers have had success with Command Strips. Either way, you can easily pull them out to wipe down in the sink if they get gross. My parents have had these in their house for over three years at this point, and they're still just as functional and useful as they were on day one.

Promising review: "This is a great use for wasted space in the front of your sink. It gives you an added space for sponges and even a safe place to keep jewelry while washing dishes. The pull down feature is very easy to use. It would also be a great place to hide valuables. Very unsuspecting." —Katie Gick

Get it on Amazon: the 11-inch tray for $15.99, the 14-inch tray for $14.67, and the soft-close hinges you'll need for full functionality for $24.65.

Promising review: "This caddy saves space at the sink by hanging over a back corner of the sink area. It keeps water from sitting near the hand and dish soap since it drips into the little easy-to-clean tray instead, which tilts towards the sink. The suction cups work great to keep it in place. It is the perfect size. Still holding strong several months later. Excellent product." —C.J. Moses

Get it on Amazon for $17.99.

From Organizing Junkie and Organizing Made Fun.

Get them from Amazon: a pack of two stroller hook carabiners (pictured left) for $12.98 or a pack of six regular carabiners (not for climbing; similar to what's pictured right; available in eight colors) for $7.99.

The pillowcases stack neatly, and you can easily grab everything you need for clean sheet day at once. Read more at Martha Stewart.

You either vacuum out the air or use the included travel pump — it's super easy. And they come with screw-on caps to seal up the bags once you've deflated them, no worries about leaks later.

Promising review: "Great product. Very well priced. Very large too. In one large bag I can put four king-size plush blankets, three plush dressing gowns and several other winter items. And I still have more room to spare if I wanted. I've tried several bags out of the package and nothing has leaked. Seem well made. Vacuum works great, and so does the hand pump (although takes a bit of time hand pumping air out of the huge bags)." —microcameraguy

Get a pack of six of their biggest "jumbo" bags on Amazon for $48.99 (also available in four other sizes, and a combo pack).

Promising review: "This is a nicely styled toilet paper holder. It is simple and light since it is made out of plastic. It fits three toilet paper rolls and DOES fit the Mega Rolls from Charmin which is what I was worried about. We have one in all three of our bathrooms." —Colleen Shibley - Shibley Smiles

Get it on Amazon for $11.10.

Promising review: "We moved into a new house, and I needed a place for my hair dryer and curling iron that still left me enough storage for other items. This worked perfectly. My hair dryer is a ceramic one and very heavy, and I was worried at first about the width of the holder, but it was wide and sturdy enough to hold it. It really cleared up space under my sink." —M. Walker

Get it on Amazon for $16.99 (available in five metallic finishes).

I recommend this all the time because it's how I've been storing my hair ties for over four years now — and still (*still*!!) have almost all of the original package, which is SUCH a rarity. I've been storing my bobby pins in a paperclip holder for longer than I can remember, and for all those years I've never even come close to running out of 'em.

Get them on Amazon: a pack of six regular carabiners (not for climbing) for $9.99 and a similar paperclip organizer for $9.29.

It holds 48 total bottles, 24 on each side, so you can always find the color you want with a single glance.

Promising review: "This is better than advertised. Essie, OPI, Pop-Arrazi, Sinful Colors, SH Instadry, SH Triple Shine, SH Xtrreme Wear, Wet & Wild, SH Hard As Nails and Covergirl all fit perfectly; my Julep colors fit two to a compartment! The first row has adjustable dividers, you can use them to keep odd-shaped bottles or do what I do: use one side for my nail stamper, dotting tools, and the drying drops and the other for foam wedges and nail pens. It looks way neater easily tucked under my vanity instead of the baskets and baskets of polishes I had to hunt through!" —Clouds

Get one on Amazon for $26.99 (available in two colors).

Promising review: "Not only is there plenty of room for rubber animals, complete foam alphabet and 10 numbers, and other random toys, this organizer actually sticks to the wall! I used Windex on the wall just like the instructions explained, turned the hook, and voila! They stuck to a wall that's not exactly a flat surface. It also leaves corner tub space available for other bottles. That extra space is priceless! Don't look any further than this product. It is AWESOME." —Sara

Get the bag *and* four locking suction cup hooks on Amazon for $9.99.

It holds up to 20 pairs of shoes, and many reviewers say it's true, unless you're trying to organize men's high-tops or any kind of high boot. (Note: as you can see in the picture above, heels will hang over the back edge, instead of balancing on it.)

Promising review: "It is very sturdy and very easy to assemble, it took me no more than three minutes. Living in New England we can go through all four seasons in one week — even sometimes in one day! — so I am constantly changing shoes. It holds most of my all seasons, everyday shoes. I did find that it is not very heel/stiletto friendly (except for wedges) so I don't recommend purchasing to store only heels. But if you sit the flat shoes on top of each other instead of side by side you can add up four or five more pairs of flats or flip flops. Overall its a great product." —BluMethal

Get it from Amazon for $12.97.

Promising review: "Love this — it is simple yet perfect. I was using hooks in my closet to hold approximately 30 scarves, some short neck scarves, some double-length long, and some in thicker materials to wear for colder months. I was able to neatly store ALL my scarves on this rack, doubling up some of them, and so far it is durable and works perfectly. And I now have more valuable space in my closet! Such a space-saving organizer!" —jeans

Get it on Amazon for $9.44.

Promising review: "Okay, admittedly, I am a bit of an organization freak. I purchased two of these. I agree that $20 seems like a lot to pay for a few pieces of plastic to organize a drawer no one else really sees, but... It's totally worth it. The gratification I get from being able to see exactly what I have, neatly organized, easy to find... Wow. The actual dividers are well made and super easy to assemble. The number of times you will look at your drawer and be totally satisfied makes the price well worth it." —Brigette

Get them on Amazon for $8.31 each.

Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE how this looks in my makeup drawer! It makes me feel 'fancy'. That may sound silly, but I'm very girly and it makes me so happy every time I see it. Great product for organizing. My drawer is very deep so I actually layered these and it works perfectly. I can see through the top one when searching for a product I may only use occasionally." —Heidi

Get it on Amazon for $11.99.

Promising review: "Living in a small apartment calls for storage wherever you can get it, and these are a great solution for seasonal linens. I keep my heavier blankets and sheets in here until the weather calls for it. The fabric is thin, but for the price, it does the job. Keeps the linens dust- and mold-smelling free!" —Ashley

Get a set of two on Amazon for $12.97+ (available in three colors).

Want more? Here are 18 other smart under-bed organizers!

Walmart has these in all sizes, shapes, and wood finishes, depending on what you need; here's the full selection. This 4x2 unit can also be assembled vertically, if you prefer! Each cube is 12x12.

Promising reviews: "My husband and I are gamers and we have more than two video game consoles. This saved our lives! It's enough for a 60-inch TV and more. It's amazing. Not to mention, it matches with the industrial aesthetic I am going for." —Jess

"My daughter is two and we have a baby on the way. With toys everywhere and no space for a toy box this was the PERFECT piece of furniture that allows us to store all my daughter's stuff while keeping the living area looking nice." —Ann

Get it from Walmart for $108 (available in four finishes).

It can go behind your couch, along a wall, or work as a substitute coffee table. From Rooms by Melissa Boyer Interiors.

Get the bench-style ottoman pictured on the right on Amazon for $128.35+ (available in three colors).

The only way to make it better = if it somehow taught your kids to actually clean up without you asking, first!

Promising review: "I bought this to help store smaller toys in our play room. Other bins were so big it was hard for my daughter to find what she wanted. Now that she can see everything her toys get more play. She also loves that she can take out and carry the bins anywhere she wants. I assembled this myself in about 10 minutes. It's very sturdy and looks great. It's the perfect size — not too big, not too small — and holds a surprising amount of toys." —TheMinimalistMama

Get it on Amazon for $44 (available in five colors/combinations).

Any small toy that's hard to clean up is game. Just dump everything in the pile, then pull up on the cords on the ends of the sheet to funnel everything into the bucket, and stuff the sheet on top! Then you're left with a cute lidded fabric bucket.

Promising review: "I really like this for my kids Duplo Legos but I think it could be used for a lot more than that. I want to get one for my kids train track. The fabric part is really large and would fit the track on it. The clean up is extremely easy — just like in the video all you do is lift up the fabric and it all goes in the bin. An added bonus, my 2 year old can dump over the bin and everything stays on the fabric part. I like the fabric on the outside of the bin it looks durable and good quality." —KFundy

Get it from Amazon for $59.99 (available in four colors).

Promising review: "These by far exceeded my expectations. I'm in the process of a major organization project and these are perfect because they are very clean-looking, sturdy, and durable. I’m using them for my files as well as other things like office supplies and small electronics I don’t use every day. They are perfect for getting clutter put away when your home doesn’t have enough cabinets and drawers." —RaVo

Get one on Amazon for $24.99 (available in four colors and in discount bulk packs).

Assembled, it's just eight and a half inches wide!

Promising review: "This cart is perfect. It is sturdy and rolls well. I have a tile floor in the laundry, and it has no issues rolling. The plastic appears and feels strong. It fits perfectly in the 11" space between my washer and dryer." —Alicja

Get it on Amazon for $62.99.

It can fit up to five different brooms/mops/etc, and has five extra little hooks perfect for things like dusters and dust pans. It also works for rakes and snow shovels!

Promising review: "Absolutely love this product! I cleaned my laundry room last week and wanted to organize all my brooms, mops, and even my mini vacuum. This handled the job and then some! Installed in minutes and is very strong. Love the added hooks, as well." —Judyque

Get it on Amazon for $14.97.

Like all Command Strip products, you can easily remove these without damaging your walls or paint at all! Just be sure to follow the included directions for installing and taking them down.

Promising review: "Works perfectly for what I needed them for: holding up my Swiffer and my broom. Should work with anything that can align flush with the wall." —Amazon Customer

Get a pack of four on Amazon for $20.30.

From Clean & Scentsible.

Promising review: "Takes about half an hour or so to put together. Instructions aren't bad but not the greatest. But product is fantastic. Very strong and sturdy and sleek. I fit two fully stocked cart bags filled with clubs plus two pitch and putt stand up bags. Plus side shelf fits at least 100 (probably closer to 150) golf balls in there plus all of your other golf gear. It's one of the best buys I have made on Amazon. Highly recommended." —ReggieC10

Get it from Amazon for $99.99.

Get that for $5.14 on Amazon. From I'm An Organizing Junkie.

Pretty much every reviewer agrees: these are excellent hooks, but you'll definitely want to use your own screws and wall anchors, not the ones included. The hooks themselves are covered in rubber, so they won't scratch or damage your bike at all.

Promising review: "These hangers are sturdy and well-built. I have four bikes hanging from them in my garage now. Substitute better quality screws and drill pilot holes. I have them 16 inches apart, and then hang the bikes alternating handlebars up and handlebars down. This is a little tight, but definitely navigable. All in all, these hangers are sturdy and I love how they create more floor space in my garage!" —Two Wheels

Get a set of two on Amazon for $19.99.

Thanks to the pulleys, you won't *feel* like you're lifting and lowering something as heavy as your bike. It includes all the mounting hardware you'll need, and holds up to 50 lbs.

Promising reviews: "Easy to install, once you find the ceiling truss. Ratchet clasp makes makes raising your bike as easy as raising window blinds. Materials seem high quality."—JKMike

"This product impressed me mightily. We bought two and they are very well designed. Instructions are perfectly adequate and everything you need is there. They fit right onto the lower member off my garage roof trusses and are certainly up to their rated 50 pounds with no issues. Helps to have high ceilings. Easy to use and a great product." —Jonathan

Get one from REI for $40 or Amazon for $27.40.

These are hanging from a wire shelf that was already in their garage; if you have a big enough spare closet, that could also work! From Organize Your Stuff Now.

Genius! From The Chic Site.

Get a pack of two garment bags on Amazon for $10.99.

Promising review: "This just arrived and I immediately filled it with a 22 pound bag of cat food. It fit beautifully and it is sealed tightly, which I appreciate. Wheels were included which makes it quite versatile. I also like the fact that it is fairly narrow in width so was able to fit into the space I had anticipated for it. I highly recommend this for all pet lovers. Will be ordering another for my dog's food. BTW, after adding 22 pounds of cat food, there is room for quite a lot more that can be added." —Cool NY Gal

Get it on Amazon for $24.99+ (available in three sizes).

My parents do this with our poodle's toys, and it definitely helps their living room and kitchen look neater!

Promising review: "Perfect size for all my lab's toys! He loves going into his toy bin and pulling out the toys he wants to play with! Great quality material and doesn't look cheap at all. I bought this to add a nice touch to our home decor, as his previous bins have been quite the eyesores!" —Edb63

Get it on Amazon for $13.99.

The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.