The £6 clear travel toiletry bag that gets you through Heathrow and Gatwick security with 'no trouble'
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The £6 clear travel toiletry bag that gets you through Heathrow and Gatwick security with 'no trouble'

Aug 30, 2023

Using disposable bags are bad for the environment and you're never sure if everything will fit - this may be the solution

Getting through airport security has been a hassle for as long as most people can remember, with one of the biggest struggles being fitting all your toiletries into a clear bag. Luckily, there are solutions to this, with reusable clear travel toiletry bags that can make getting through Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton or any London airport a breeze.

This one from Amazon costs between £5.88 and £6.99 for two bags depending on the colour. Yes, it is clear, but the strip at the top comes in different colours, including black, black and grey, blue, grey, mint green, pink, white, yellow - as well as four pack options with a mixture of colours.

The bag is the correct size for flights and is approved by the TSA, EU and our CAA - coming in at 200mm by 200mm - making it ideal for carry-on luggage.

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It is triple-sealed to protect against spillages and leaks and they promise there is "no risk of tearing". They even offer your money back if you are not satisfied.

So far the bag has accumulated 4.4 rating out of 459 reviews, with the majority of people praising its durability and sturdiness. One person said: "Used them travelling from Heathrow. Security hand no issues with them. Fairly robust and sealed well. So they did the job." Another added: "Travelling outside our country today is more challenging than it used to be. These affordable, deceptively simply 'security plastic bags' have dealt with things I hadn't thought of. They already meet the conditions that most airlines stipulate. They're resealable, so if any liquids do escape, at least they're more likely to keep the mess inside these bags rather than all over your hand luggage. Another good buy. Thank you."

However, not everyone was happy, with one person saying: "The plastic is quite hard, I feel that if it wasn't as hard we could have more products. But overall good product!" Another added: "Very flat so wouldn’t hold the toiletries i take in cabin luggage." Boots also offer a £5 clear beauty bag, with £1.50 for click and collect or £3.75 to get delivery, unless you spend over £25.

Elsewhere, Amazon is selling a hand luggage bag that perfectly fits the required dimensions to avoid hand luggage fees and it costs just £19.99. What's more, it's available in three colours - black, blue, and grey.

The GobiSea Cabin Underseat Flight Bag fits the easyJet requirements, meaning you won't have to pay the £48 fee to put the bag in the hold. It has a 20-litre capacity, so there is plenty of room to add in your flight essentials.

You can get the travel toiletry bag from Amazon here.

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