Experts Are Loving Kate Hudson's Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Color
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Experts Are Loving Kate Hudson's Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Color

Dec 02, 2023

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Do you love following interior designers and celebrity homes to catch the latest and greatest ideas? After all, celebs hire the best of the best to decorate their amazing homes, so it's no wonder their inspiration is drool-worthy. The most current obsession that has experts scrambling to try the trend is Kate Hudson's cabinets.

There was a time when cabinetry was considered necessary but fell into the snooze-fest category of home interest. But with so many different tricks, colors, and creations to upgrade these staples, they have stepped into the limelight. And speaking of lime, while Kate's shade is in the green category, her hue is reminiscent of a powdery sage that is a must-have for anyone who is looking to revive their dwelling.

Also labeled as "dusty green," this color was a favorite in 2022, but Kate Hudson has always been a champion for big comebacks. Her home is actually the place she grew up, and after buying it back from the owners (who had purchased it from her mother, Goldie Hawn), Kate decorated it with vintage inspirations in mind. With her taste for reintroducing past trends, it's no wonder this green shade has everyone scurrying to grab their brushes and revamp their cabinets.

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One of the biggest appeals for choosing a dusty green color for your kitchen cabinets is its' timeless effect. According to Camilla Styles, this hue is neutral enough that it can blend in with numerous themes and surroundings, allowing for explorative interior design that will compliment the shade rather than clash with it.

Dusty or powder greens will breathe a rustic and natural vibe into a room, while still giving you space to play with bolder shades or stick to minimalistic ideals. Design experts believe that not only does this green soften rooms, but it also invokes the feeling of comfort. If you use it in your kitchen, the space automatically becomes more inviting and changes from a place you only use to cook, to a spot where family and friends can also spend time hanging out and conversing.

There are a variety of shades that fit into Kate Hudson's "dusty" green category. Along the spectrum, some paints are a little lighter and verge almost into mint territory, like Clare's Grayish which uses undertones to produce a green finish. For a hue that's almost spot on to Kate's, Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green is a close match that will create the same warm, welcoming ambiance and give your cabinets a truly unique upgrade that suits a variety of themes, including minimalistic and farmhouse.

You can also branch into other powdery colors, like dusty blues similar to Farrow & Ball's Stone Blue, or go for a purple that isn't too bold, like Clare's Cosmic Purple from the same brand, both of which stick to a neutral undertone palette.

Because of its classic connotations, powder green paint is firmly grounded between previous trends which featured this color a lot, and newer fads that can work around the earthy tone. Basically, while it might have had its heyday years prior, this shade isn't any less enjoyable or impressive without a title dubbing it "color of the year." If you've been looking for a pop of color for your kitchen outside of the standard neutral palette, this option will allow you to play with new décor ideas without worrying about your cabinets going out of style.

In order to make your kitchen really pop, combine Kate Hudson's preferred color (or similar shades) with brass or brushed chrome fixtures on the cabinets and drawers. The undertones from the brass will even out the cooler green hues, balancing everything nicely. Chrome and stainless steel compliment the dusty shades even if you stray from green, too.

You can find a multitude of hardware pieces on sites like Amazon, which offers affordable handles like the Hickory Hardware 10-pack, or Home Depot's Simple Wrapped Stainless Steel 10-pack. Kate's kitchen also features a lot of natural light and white surfaces, which work well with the saturated cabinets that line the walls and can be seen beneath the countertops.