Sponsor spotlight: Five ways to make small rooms look larger
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Sponsor spotlight: Five ways to make small rooms look larger

May 11, 2024

Only some homes have grand foyers, great rooms and huge living areas. More often, homes have at least one small room. Homeowners can enjoy smaller spaces and make them look larger with the right design approach. You can create the illusion of space with simple modifications to a small room, such as adding natural light or selecting multifunctional furniture. To get started, consider the following design tips.

Declutter Your Space. The best place to start is by taking stock of the items in the room. You may be surprised by how much space you have. Start by decluttering your space. For example, experts recommend sorting things into keep, put away, recycle or trash, and donate piles. This technique can help you organize and simplify your space. Simplicity is critical for making any room look bigger.

Utilize Multifunctional Pieces. Once you’ve removed some items from a small room, think about what furniture or objects in the room can serve a dual purpose. For example, furniture such as benches, ottomans and coffee tables may come equipped with storage solutions. Hidden storage makes a room feel more spacious without removing any frequently used items.

Take Advantage of Reflections. A strategically placed mirror can visually expand your space. If a small area has a window, set the mirror near it. The trick is ensuring natural light reflects off the mirror to make the room look large and inviting.

Frame Your Windows. Lighter, neutral colors work best for window drapes in small rooms. Heavy drapes make small spaces appear smaller. To achieve the opposite effect, try adding sheer drapes to the room. As a result, natural light will shine in, and you will maintain some privacy in the room. Choose a vertical pattern, such as stripes, if you want interior window treatments with some pizazz. The stripes will draw your eyes upward and make the ceilings look higher.

Incorporate a Couple of Large Items. It may seem contradictory, but you don’t need small items in a small space. It may make the room look full of miniatures. Instead, try adding one or two large pieces. However, there is some design strategy involved in an oversized item selection. For example, choose a low-profile sofa to exaggerate the distance between the couch and the ceiling. Low-profile furniture will make the walls appear elongated.

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— By Melissa Irons, Irons Brothers Construction, Inc.

Declutter Your Space. Utilize Multifunctional Pieces. Take Advantage of Reflections. Frame Your Windows. Incorporate a Couple of Large Items.