Ziploc Just Solved the Most Frustrating Problem With Its Bags
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Ziploc Just Solved the Most Frustrating Problem With Its Bags

Nov 18, 2023

This new design is genius.


Picture this: you’re loading your hard-earned leftovers into a Ziploc bag that’s precariously propped up against some surface in your kitchen when disaster strikes; you make one wrong move, and the entire bag spills all over the counter and the floor. You probably don’t even have to imagine it because it’s likely happened to you before.

That’s why Ziploc is rolling out a new innovative design perfect for those home cooks who never feel like they have enough hands in the kitchen. Ziploc’s new freezer and storage bags with Stay Open Design are meant to, well, stay open on their own.

Each bag features two elements that make using it that much easier: a cuffed opening and a cross-hatch bottom. The cuffed opening folds down to make the area larger so you can pour with more precision. While the cross-hatch bottom ensures the bag sits upright on its own—so you’ll no longer need to beg someone to hold your bag open and steady while you carefully dump hot pasta sauce over their arms. It’s a win-win!


Each sturdy bag is also equipped with Ziploc’s typical Grip n’ Seal technology to lock the food in place and protect it from freezer burn—and they're microwave-safe.

Ziploc’s newest bag technology is available now at retailers (both online and in-store) nationwide, including Walmart, Costco, Target, Sam’s Club, Amazon, and Kroger. The Stay Open Design will come in both quart and gallon sizes in both of Ziploc's Storage and Freezer bag varieties and will retail between $5 and $15, depending on the store and the bag count.

It’s innovations like these that keep us customers coming back and keep Ziploc as our community’s top pick for kitchen storage bags—keep up the good work, Ziploc!