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May 29, 2023

In just a few short weeks you will be sending your kids off to start a new school year and the next thing you need to check off of their list: lunch boxes and bags! Searching for a lunch box or bag that will withstand the school year being jostled in a backpack, thrown around, and who knows what else- is what most parents want. A box or bag that works with your child’s lunchtime is also something most of us consider. Durability and working with your budget are also up there when looking for the best lunchbox.

We believe we found some of the best out there. Check out out top 8 picks for this school year.

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With Pack it, you don’t have to worry about wasting space with a bulky ice pack. These bags are made with non-toxic freezable gel built into the walls of the bag, so all you have to do is pop it in the freezer at night and the bag will be frozen in time to send your kids off in the morning. This lunch box keeps food cooler longer, so you never have to worry about your food spoiling. Pack it’s also fold up for easy storage. $21.50.

Equipped with a removable ice pack, this sturdy lunch box allows food to stay cooler for longer without extra ice packs, which means the fewer ice packs we have to pack in the morning, the better. The easy-to-open, kid-friendly, helps kids learn to open their lunch box. The 4-compartment tray will provide your little eater with plenty of lunch or snack time options. $29.99

With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, L.L Bean lunch boxes are a popular choice for your kids. The lunch box’s have a lot of room inside, so you will never have to worry about your kids not having enough options for food. It is also made with BPA- and PVC-free lining and is built with a strong material, so these bags are both safe and will last for a long time! $19.95.

Wildkin bags are 100% play proof and they are not too bulky which means they will fit in many sized backpacks., which means that they are durable enough to handle every school event. With a variety of designs to choose from, your kids will love showing off their awesome lunchbox. $19.99.

These lunch boxes have a lot of space to store food and have rigid walls to make sure that your food will not get crushed. You can also customize your lunchbox for each kid. Choose from any of the adorable styles and get yours monogrammed with your name on it! Make sure to check out the glow in the dark lunch boxes they have out this year! $26.50-$40.50.

Everyone knows of Hydro Flask for their great water bottles, but now they also have insulated lunch boxes. These lunch boxes are designed for kids ages 5 and up and are made with flexible handles so it is easy for little ones to hold. With two layers of insulation, your food is sure to stay fresh and cold for hours! Hydro Flask also has many other lunch box options on their website that are perfect for kids. $44.95.

Made with PVC-free materials, this dual compartment lunch box is sure to give you enough space to pack your kids the perfect lunch! All of the Thermos lunch boxes have fun and colorful designs and are made with an easy-to-clean LDPE liner with antimicrobial protection. Your kids will be counting down the hours until they get to show off their lunchbox at lunch! $8.24-$14.99.

These lunch bags are perfect for your little ones that are heading back to preschool or who are just starting. This lunch backpack is lightweight, thin, and is made with adjustable shoulder straps making it easy to carry. $13.22.

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