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Mythinglogic Home Gym Storage Rack review

Jan 15, 2024

REVIEW – The main part of my basement doubles as a family room and a home gym. Over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of fitness equipment. There’s a treadmill, a TotalGym sliding bench trainer, and all kinds of dumbells, resistance bands, and kettlebells. In other words, it’s a mess. Imagine my excitement when Mythinglogic offered their Home Gym Storage Rack for review. Let’s put it together and organize my home gym!

The Mythinglogic Home Gym Storage Rack is a black powder-coated metal rack that is designed to hold all your workout gear. It’s 30.5 wide x 15.7 inches deep x 34.3 inches tall and can hold up to 220 lbs of gear.

The Mythinglogic Home Gym Storage Rack does not come already assembled, so you get to do that. Wheeeee! Don’t worry, it’s not difficult. It just takes a little time and a Phillips screwdriver which isn’t included. It’s strange that they include a wrench for tightening the wheels, but they don’t include a screwdriver. It wasn’t a problem for me because I opted to use an electric screwdriver to make assembly quick and easy.

Here are some pictures of my home gym gear.

Here’s the only equipment organizer that I have. It’s a hand-weight holder that I purchased from Amazon about a year ago. It has worked well, but as you can see, I have equipment overflow on the floor.

And there is even more gear on another shelf.

After fully assembling the Mythinglogic Home Gym Storage Rack, I rolled it into the family room. Yay for the wheels! Two of the wheels even have locks so you can keep the rack from moving around. I don’t have this issue because my floor is carpeted and the weight of all the weights keeps the cart from moving around. But, if you are placing this storage rack on a hard floor, locking the wheels will come in handy.

It’s now time to load up the fitness equipment storage cart with all my stuff!

The back area is designed to hold rolled up yoga mats and foam rollers. I also used this area to hang some of my TotalGym attachments.

There’s another holder on the left side that can hold more foam rollers. I used this area to store the plates for my LesMills SMARTBAR weight set. This weight set is really cool compared to traditional barbell sets. I put the barbell from this set in the back with the foam rollers.

The right side holds a selection of resistance bands and a small kettlebell that needed a home and fit perfectly on the 2 hooks included with the Mythinglogic Home Gym Storage Rack.

I used the top shelf of the storage rack for kettlebells and the middle and lower shelf for all of my hand weights.

I think the Mythinglogic Home Gym Storage Rack looks great and it’s allowed me to clean up and organize all my fitness gear into one area.

I was very surprised and pleased with the quality of the Mythinglogic Home Gym Storage Rack. It was easy to assemble and makes my basement look a lot neater and more organized now that all my fitness equipment is stored neatly in one place. Now I just need a home for that hand-weight holder!

Price: $99.99Where to buy: AmazonSource: The sample for this review was provided by Mythinglogic.

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