Shoplifting and drug possession earn jail trips in Fayetteville
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Shoplifting and drug possession earn jail trips in Fayetteville

Feb 18, 2024

Among those arrested by Fayetteville police over the weekend were suspects charged with shoplifting, drug possession, or both.

Both shoplifting incidents took place in the Fayette Pavilion retail complex, according to police reports.

Officers apprehended a suspect the afternoon of Aug. 25 and found that she had concealed a number of baby clothing items from Old Navy inside her purse. The merchandise had an approximate value of $282.67 according to the police report.

Also found in her purse was a plastic bag containing psilocybin, commonly known as mushrooms.

Shayla Levitt, 32, of Atlanta was charged with a felony count of drug possession/sale/manufacture as well as misdemeanor shoplifting, according to the Fayette County Jail log.

Later the same day police arrested a suspect with Walmart shopping bags that contained several stolen items from the men’s section of that store as well as personal hygiene items and electronics. The approximate total value was estimated at $819.33. Cailyn Hemming, 19, of East Point was charged with felony shoplifting because the amount stolen was worth more than $500.

Elsewhere in Fayetteville, officers stopped a vehicle shortly after midnight Aug. 26 in the area of Hwy. 85 and Jeff Davis Drive, according to a police report. Two 17-year-olds from Fayetteville were in the car and were found to be in possession of psilocybin. Both face felony drug charges.

Adam Winston, the driver, was also charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession and traveling the wrong way on a one-way roadway. Nawurdeen Hullett, the passenger, was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession.

Also, a Kennesaw suspect was brought back to Fayette County to face a felony charge of forgery in the third degree. Christian Riley, 21, was taken into custody by Fayetteville police Aug. 27 at the Cobb County Jail.