VUELTA Modular Adds to an Already Classic Furniture Family
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VUELTA Modular Adds to an Already Classic Furniture Family

Jul 27, 2023

The original VUELTA furniture collection, designed by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon for Austrian brand Wittmann, is already a timeless classic. With the addition of VUELTA Modular it could be headed for icon status. Featuring the same quality workmanship and distinctively curved shapes, the new modular elements – corner, end, intermediate, and chaise – add character and value to the already existing seating family. Arrange them at will, expanding with versatile new options and fresh planning possibilities.

VUELTA Modular’s soft, embracing forms invite you to create effortless groups for gathering in both residential and commercial spaces. And like the rest of the furniture collection, individual modules feature pocket spring cores and a high-quality foam structure to deliver big on comfort.

“Wittmann has a great design tradition, and culture is an important part of the company‘s DNA. I have always admired this – and the passion for excellent craftsmanship, which I share. The current collection is an expression of the potential for innovation unlocked by our collaboration, which is itself hallmarked by mutual appreciation and respect,” said Hayon.

Jaime Hayon \\\ Photo: James Mollison

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