Pottery Barn Expands Julia Berolzheimer Collaboration; Launches Kids
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Pottery Barn Expands Julia Berolzheimer Collaboration; Launches Kids

Jul 25, 2023

With a flair for infusing modern soul and fashion sense into Southern living, Julia Berolzheimer is on a roll. Pottery Barn unveiled its latest collaboration with the designer and tastemaker on a collection featuring home furnishings and decor for kids and babies.

Both the Julia Berolzheimer for Pottery Barn Kids collection and the expansion of the second Julia Berolzheimer for Pottery Barn collaboration, which debuted in 2022, for fall include vintage-inspired designs for indoor-outdoor living and entertaining, nursery and children’s decor, textiles and furniture.

“The design for these new collections is inspired by the way we live — things I love to use every day, things I love to have for my kids, and our favorite pieces throughout our own home,” Charleston, South Carolina-based Berolzheimer said. “My personal style and aesthetics are expressed through my love of prints and color, layering, and having a joyful home. The collection is grounded in earthy colors that easily work together.”

The new assortment for kids and babies includes textiles, accessories, decor and baby gifts in pale pastels featuring delicate floral patterns and scalloped edges and reflects Berolzheimer’s new lifestyle since having kids, she explains.

“I prefer items that serve multiple purposes, are of good quality, and are durable. I strive for pieces that add joy and color to our lives and make our home a reflection of this happiness,” she said in an interview.

Pieces within the children’s collection are both versatile and complementary, intended to be mixed and matched for a timeless home atmosphere. “When designing the Pottery Barn Kids collection, I thought about decor and furnishings I would want for my daughter’s rooms and drew a lot of inspiration from my experience as a mother.”

In terms of the Pottery Barn collection for fall, her Charleston lifestyle and love for the outdoors has “significantly” shaped the line. “The design is a reflection of how I live and the items I utilize in my home. In Charleston, we embrace an indoor-outdoor way of life due to the lovely weather. Therefore, the collection is replete with pieces you can style both indoors and outdoors. For instance, many of the new planters are designed for outdoor use, but they also look beautiful indoors,” said Berolzheimer, who reminisced about spending summers on her grandparent’s ranch in California and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

“Being in nature and the simple joy of outdoor activities like picking fruits from my grandmother’s trees or roses for the dinner table are experiences that have stayed with me. As an adult, these outdoor experiences instill a sense of nostalgia and remind me of the purity of my childhood.”

Berolzheimer, who has amassed 1.3 million followers on Instagram, caught the attention of the design team at Pottery Barn, a division of Williams-Sonoma Inc., several years ago as she began accumulating a large following on social media as a fashion and lifestyle influencer originally known as @GalMeetsGlam. On her blog and in her social media posts, she would frequently feature Pottery Barn products. Her first collection was unfurled last summer and marked the first collaboration for Pottery Barn within the garden category with the multifunctional Julia Potting Station, which Berolzheimer said at the time was one of her favorite pieces.

The Julia Berolzheimer for Pottery Barn Kids and Julia Berolzheimer for Pottery Barn collections will be available Friday online at potterybarnkids.com/juliaberolzheimer and potterybarn.com/juliaberolzheimer, as well as at select South Carolina Pottery Barn stores.

“This being her second collection with Pottery Barn and first with Pottery Barn Kids, we’re excited for our customers to be able to shop a wider assortment of new pieces for indoor-outdoor living. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to be versatile and complementary for a beautiful and timeless home,” said Marta Benson, chief executive officer of Pottery Barn.

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